Saturday, 17 October 2009

life is beige

recently, ive realised how bad my life has actually gotten.
my days mostly consist of watching tv, playing computer games, going to the pub and then messing about on the internet untill 4 in the morning.
no social life outside of my family, other than who i see at the pub.

i barely see any of the people i grew up with, or were friends with at school.

i havnt spoken to my best friend in a week, and havnt seen her in over a year....
so i suppose i shouldnt be allowed to use the prefix of best anymore really.

and, ive put on weight. not good.... ive always been big, but now its just silly.

i cant say life is bad. as its not. well, not as bad as some. but its not good either. its just neutral.

my life is beige. the worst colour of them all. bleurgh.

living like this does have some perks i guess;

i get to watch alot of good tv programmes, and films (zombieland is totally awesome)
i can read alot
and just be lazy, whilst other people are in an office smashing a keyboard into their head

well actually thats about it, and being lazy isnt that great. unless your previous week was full of work and tiresome activities.

doesnt do much for my confidence, or social apptitude.
i mean, im no where near good looking, and i dont think a single girl has ever fancied me, but now im just an ugly-unemployed-badhealth-antisocial nodoby.
rather than an ugly person with alot of money ;)

i guess there isnt much point in this.
thats why i havnt been blogging much, nothing interesting to say

if i trick myself into thinking i actually have someone to talk to, and is interested in how i am, my life wont seem so sad....

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